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Studentendorf Schlachtensee and Studentendorf Adlershof offer high quality furnished accommodation for students studying in Berlin, Potsdam and Wildau.

A bit more social, and with 5+ flatmates you're bound to get on with at least some of them. Jeez that looks grim D: I'm trying to find a WG at the moment but so far no luck and it's starting to look like Schlachtensee might be my only option (for a few months at least) I'm dreading it now! hey! i'm living there right now, so i can give you some fresh feedback. Also, I'd add to this that if you do decide to stay there I'd go for a WG over a single room.

On campus there is also a gym, a music room, a club and a bicycle rental store. If you want more info feel free to PM me (I went there from Manchester as an Erasmus student). It's reasonably close to FU, but it's nowhere near close to TU, HU or the hip districts like Kreuzberg, Friedrichshain, Prenzlberg. I went to visit it last week and it seemed like pretty standard student accomodation, a bit far away but I'm only planning on staying for 3 months so I thought it'd be ok.

How bad is Studentendorf Schlachtensee? : berlin - Reddit
I'm moving from England to Berlin in October to start studying at the FU and I've been offered a room at the Studentendorf Schlachtensee. studentendorf berlin-schlachtensee erfahrungsbericht cialis Studentendorf Schlachtensee - Home | FacebookStudentendorf Schlachtensee shared Freie Universität Berlin's post. · September 29 at 9:17am ·. No automatic alt text available. Freie Universität Berlin.

Thanks for the reply, I found it really useful :) the room they offered me is a wg room in one of the old buildings, do you happen to know how bad they are? Yeah I saw the gym when I went to have a look around the other week, it was pretty tiny! I'm so annoyed that the uni is so far away from everything because the closeness to the uni is the only thing that's tempting me to stay at Schlachtensee. No idea how it looks on the inside Living FAR away from Berlin. Our recently refurbished rooms are fully equipped with everything youll need, including a bed, a desk, a kitchen and high-speed internet access.

An opt-out cookie will be set on the computer, which prevents the future collection of your data when visiting this website: Further information concerning the terms and conditions of use and data privacy can be found at. Well I've tried finding a WG through wg-gesucht and studenten-wgs and I have had a few replies but most of them were either scams or wanted to meet me irl and I'm not in Berlin at the moment. I was going to the FU which isn't far at all. Do you happen to know what the facebook group is called? Answering your message above: it'll be two months for me, so not that bad, and 3 months is also manageable - although if you're not going to be in Berlin after that, you might regret going there because you will spend a lot of valuable sightseeing/partying time on the trains. U3 line, Wilmersdorf or Schöneberg would be feasible with regards to the commute time both to FU and the city center.

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